Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Knight in Camelot

This week we did something completely different and watched A Knight in Camelot. 

Of course I'm being sarcastic. This movie and A Kid in King Arthur's Court, which we watched last week, were both loosely based on Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court". Also, Sandy from this movie is played by the same girl who played Katey in the previous one. She must love knights or Old English...  

Whoopi was very lucky that random things from her desk were sent back with her after her machine malfunctioned. The old laptop ended up saving her life! Thank goodness it had enough battery. 

Overall, this movie felt random. There were some good parts, and I definitely love Whoopi, but I just couldn't understand certain parts of it, like why Merlin was so shady and then becomes her BFF in the end. 

We took inspiration from the castle and decided to paint our own. It doubles as a birdhouse, just in time for Spring. 


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