Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Goofy Movie

This week's movie is awesome - A Goofy Movie! 

I forgot how funny this movie was. I think I loved it so much because I grew up in the 90's and all of the things Max does were considered so cool, and he was so awkward. It felt real. I was so excited to recognize Pauly Shore and Jason Marsden doing voices. The skate boarding, the 90's styles, the singing - it was all great. Goofy is a classic character. Now I have The Goof Troop theme song stuck in my head. Anybody? 

We took inspiration from the music and concert in the movie. I have Rockband, Singstar, a Karaoke machine, Karaoke revolution... I'm a little obsessed. The Kid sang one of his favorites "We Got the Beat" by the Go Go's and I got it on film. 

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