Sunday, October 18, 2015

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

This time around we watched Atlantis: the Lost Empire. This movie is seriously underrated as far as Disney Animations go. I feel like when this came out, people were too focused on new things like chat rooms and getting their first cell phones before me. Or maybe I'm thinking that because I was just starting my teen years and those things seemed important to me instead of going out to see a Disney movie (you know how teens are...). 

I really liked that this was more of a science fiction and the animation was interesting and different. There were some funny characters, but there was also a lot of people dying in this movie. With Disney animations, I typically expect one or two key characters to go, but this one had lots of people dying here and there. I might be a little traumatized. 

We took inspiration from the glowing crystal and had a glow stick party with the kid's cousins. We played glow stick tag and what time is it Mr. Fox and just ran around with them in the dark by a fire pit. Fun times.

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