Sunday, August 23, 2015

Alley Cats Strike

It is time for another fun Disney Channel Original Movie - Alley Cats Strike! I remember watching this movie when it came out - so good. And now you look at the cast and it is mind-blowing. Yep! That's Penny from Big Bang Theory. Hah!

This movie was fun to watch because it brought a little popularity to bowling - which by the way, is so fun and it was my first date with the Mr. It also had a bit of a 50's vibe going on and I love seeing the retro clothes and music in a more modern environment. 

Of course we went bowling for our activity. It just so happens that our baseball team was having a banquet at the bowling alley so we were very excited to get to do this activity for free! 

No, that is not a fireball or special magic powers the kid possesses. Just a shiny yo-yo or something. 

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