Sunday, January 4, 2015

101 Dalmatians

Today we watched the first movie in the challenge: 101 Dalmatians. 

I remember watching this as a kid and letting myself fall asleep to the sound of Pongo's British accent as he narrates. This is Frank's favorite Disney movie and it was the first time Chris saw it. He giggled at Jasper and Horace much like he giggles at Marv and Harry from Home Alone. 

I found some old shirts that were on their way out and decided we could use them for our movie inspired craft this week. 

We had a fabric marker already and we both just made dots all over and colored them in. Dalmatian spots aren't perfect, which made this project even easier.

A Cruella inspired outfit, a puppy in the middle, and my casual Dalmatian inspired outfit. Now we are ready for the sequel and live-action films!

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